WP Contacts Manager Pro – WordPress Plugin


WP Contacts Manager Pro

It is a WordPress plugin for to manage unlimited contacts.
Version 2.3 - Updated plugin for WordPress 5.2.2 -
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WP Contacts Manager Pro – WordPress Plugin

WP Contacts Manager Pro is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage unlimited contacts, all from the WP administration dashboard.

The plugin is in English, but fully translated into Spanish and ready to be translated into other languages.

WP Contacts Manager Pro  is a CRUD:

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete

The colors used are in accordance with the normal view of the WP dashboard.

When installing the plugin and activate it you will see that in the menu bar there is a new WP Contacts if you click on Contacts and you can go to Create contact and see the list.




When you click on  + Create contact also opens a modal window and shows the data that you can include for each contact:

List of fields:

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Web
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Contact type
  • Image
  • Notes

The fields:  NameLast Name and Email  are required.

The rest of the fields are not, because if you do not have them, you can not create the contact.

If you do not have data from one of these fields, or for example you use “Name” for a company and there are no Last Name, you can fill in the “Last Name” field with just one point . (This also works for the “Name” field).

The “Email” field  if you do not have data you can fill it only with:  info@domain.com  (for example).

The six fields shown in the contact list have individually the option of putting them in ascending or descending order. 

You can change the number of contacts to show, the plugin allows you 5 visibility options: 10, 20, 50, 100 and All per page.

At the end of each page you can see the contact filtering and the total contacts. The pagination is also visible.

WP Contacts Manager Pro  has a search engine that searches and filters all contact data, including: Company, Address, Zip code, City, State, Country and Notes , although these fields are not visible on the dashboard.

Company, Address, Zip code, City, State, Country and Notes they are not shown in the control panel, because they would damage the visibility of the rest of the data, which I consider to be more important.




When you run the Edit action (pencil, green pressing) opens a modal window in which you can see all this data and modify if you want.




In the  Delete  action(trash, red when pressed) you see a small window that asks us if you really want to remove the contact.




The Notes field is a field of  “textarea” but limited to 500 characters (if you exceed this figure you will an alert and do not save the data).

The export of data to Excel, only collects data from the contacts that are currently displayed on the screen, so if you only show 10 contacts and you have 90 export is only 10, so you must put in the page “All” .

Contact type:

The “Contact type” field has 3 buttons (radio button) to select only one option: Contact | Customer | Supplier.

The field has also been left with the option to write and be able to put another type of contact.

And in this field you can make multiple variations adapted to your case.

Instead of “Contact” you can put  Partner | Employee  | Collaborator …..






This way you can see the list of contacts that meet the “Type of contact” that you put in the search engine.

You can also sort them by this “Type”.

To insert a picture of the contact in the entry form (option marked in red) you have to add the URL of the image.




To do this, you have to pre-upload the image to the Media Library and copy the URL.




Another very good option to not overload the server is to upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. and copy the URL.

The images are displayed in 32px. Size in the list, but can be opened in a new window and see them full size.




Version 2.1

Changes in this version:

3 new fields have been added.

  • Email 2nd
  • Teléfono 2nd
  • Job Title




For the form to be clearly visible, the spaces in the fields have been reduced.

Also to see more clearly the fields that are completed and those that are not, the help texts of the fields are in a light blue color.


Version 2.3

Changes in this version:

The “radio-buttons” have been changed to a “selector” with more options:

  • Contact
  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Partner
  • Supplier




The background color of the rows is alternating, so it is easier to know in which row we are working.




Modified the place of appearance of the modal window to edit records, now it appears above the record that we are going to modify and when closing the window we are again in the same place.




Added new field “Address 2”





Two templates are included in the WP Contacts menu:

Template Personal – (per)



Template Business – (biz)



Use the one that best suits your needs.



Watch video:


You can also try this demo:

Demo: wpcontactsmanager.es

User English: DemoEN

Password: demoen4321


WP Contacts Manager Pro

It is a WordPress plugin for to manage unlimited contacts.
Version 2.3 - Updated plugin for WordPress 5.2.2 -
More info